Water Reclamation

The City of Knoxville Water Reclamation Facility is a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The facility has a Daily Maximum Flow Limit of 4.48 MGD and is listed with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as a GRADE III Facility. The Water Reclamation Facility accepts wastewater from the residential, commercial, and industrial customers within the City of Knoxville, and regulates those wastes by "Sewer Use" and "Industrial Pretreatment" ordinances.

Water Reclamation Facility

The waste entering the facility are low in toxic pollutants such as heavy metals, and is well below the State Guidelines.The facility is a two-stage, fixed film biological reactor facility with anaerobic digesters. The original facility was constructed in 1918 with upgrades in 1949, 1972, and 1987.

The City's Sanitary Sewer Collection System delivers wastewater to the facility by gravity or via lift stations. The total collection system includes 48 miles of sewer pipes ranging in size from six-inches to 36-inches in diameter, and over 1,100 manholes.

The City of Knoxville Water Reclamation Division has 4 Full-time Employees and a Superintendent. All the Employees are required to keep a State of Iowa Wastewater Treatment Certification.

The goal of Water Reclamation is to protect the environment by following Iowa Department of Natural Resources standards and guidelines while keeping the rate payers of Knoxville's sewer rates at the lowest level possible.