Police Canine



Born and initially trained in Poland, Rosko was brought to the United States by Tree Town Kennels LLC in Forrest City, Iowa. After a successful 3-month fundraising program, where the department raised nearly $50,000, we purchased Rosko and named Sgt. Skyler Verros his handler. Sgt. Verros and Rosko attended a 5-week training course in Forrest City where they focused on tracking, suspect apprehension, evidence recovery, building searches, handler protection, and narcotics detection.

We are proud to have Rosko on our team and we look forward to the great work he and Sgt. Verros have already done and will continue to do well into the future. Rosko is a friendly canine, but when it is time to work, he is all business. We request you do not try to pet Rosko without asking Sgt. Verros first and due to Rosko’s strict diet that you do not offer him food of any kind.


We are forever thankful for the generosity of our community as well as other stakeholders who have provided Sgt. Verros and Rosko with equipment to keep them both safe healthy.

Rosko and Skyler