Snow Removal

The City of Knoxville Streets Division is responsible for snow removal on over 120 lane miles of roadway. Each snow plow driver is assigned a snow route which allows the downtown square, arterial and collector streets, and neighborhood streets and alleyways to be cleared of snow in a timely manner.

When a snowstorm leaves 1" or more of snow on the streets, over 10 vehicles begin working to clear public streets, sidewalks and alleys. Each winter staff applies several hundred tons of sand and salt to the roads. Sometimes, the Knoxville police chief calls the Snow Ordinance into effect, which requires all streets be cleared of vehicles. This is to ensure the streets can be plowed. During snowstorms, Knoxville residents are encouraged to park their vehicles in drives and must also clear sidewalks in front of their property within 10 hours of the snow event.

Snow Removal Policy