Rental Housing Inspection Program

Rental Housing Inspection Program

In an effort to ensure the provision of safe and sanitary rental housing for its residents, the City of Knoxville has adopted a Rental Housing Inspection Program. The program is administered by the Planning and Zoning Department and its contractor. Important information about the program is provided below.

Rental Inspection Program

Administrative Policy

The Rental Housing Inspection Program Administrative Policy contains information on program establishment and administrative procedures for the program. The policy also includes all applicable program forms including the inspection checklist, program registration form, inspection form.

Administrative Policy


Any housing unit which is rented (or being offered for rent) within Knoxville’s city limits must be registered with the City. Landlords must register new properties within 30 days of acquisition or within 30 days of putting a property out into the rental market. The registration fee is $20 per unit per year. The fee is paid at the time of inspection to cover the duration of the Compliance Certificate - most properties are on a three-year inspection cycle. For example, a single-family home would have a $60 registration fee. Note: this is not the same as the inspection fee, which is addressed below. Unregistered rental properties face a $50/day late fee up to a maximum of $500 per property.

The Rental Housing Registration Form may be submitted on-line, in person or by mail to the Planning and Zoning Department at Knoxville City Hall, 305 S 3rd St.

Rental Housing Registration Form

Inspection Checklist

At the time of registration, landlords must verify that their properties meet the requirements outlined in the Rental Housing Inspection Checklist.  If there are questions about applicability of the checklist, contact the Planning and Zoning Department.

Rental Inspection Checklist

Inspection Schedule

The baseline schedule for the inspection of all rental properties shall be once every three (3) years. As a benefit to compliant landlords, properties that pass the first inspection, with no noted concerns from the inspector, will not need to be inspected for another four years. Rental properties that require two or more inspections (three or more during the first three-year cycle) to pass and that receive multiple noted concerns from the inspector will need to be inspected every year until they pass on their first inspection. Those rental properties will then move to the standard inspection cycle.

The inspection fee will be $100 for the 1st unit, and $40 for each additional unit in the building. If the owner/designee is a 'No Show', a $50 fee will be assessed at the re-inspection.

City staff will contact landlords via mail, or e-mail with a notice to schedule the inspection of their rental properties. When landlords receive their notice, they will need to contact the contracted Rental Inspector. Iowa Inspections LLC is the city’s designated inspector and can be reached at or by phone at 515-587-0065.